We are committed to influencing, supporting, and creating the best clubs in each market and leaving a footprint in US Soccer that represents the highest standards and best run soccer clubs in the country. By providing innovative and dynamic opportunities for player pathway and coach development and connecting the best clubs and leaders in the market together, we will bring best practices and support growth on a local level. If your club has a strong commitment to Development, Advancement & Placement™ of players and would like ongoing support to develop coaches and players, with turn-key marketing, operations, tournament management, and utilize a proven model to develop elite players, now is the time to meet with ALBION SC.


ALBION SC was founded in 1981 and in 1998 the club of 6 teams moved in a direction to build a world class youth soccer club and become the industry leader. ALBION SC hired the best coaches and administrators and developed an exemplary soccer curriculum based on technical superiority, game situation, and principles that would build a clear identity and style of play. Committed to the player and the best pathway for success in reaching the college or professional level the club built a culture that fostered standards of excellence and winning habits to develop the player and person for a lifetime.

Forty years later, ALBION SC is recognized nationally and internationally for excellence on and off the soccer field. The San Diego based club has over 150 competitive teams and over 3,000 players. ALBION SC has competed in 21 National Championship games, crowned the USYS National Champions in 2019, 2021 and 2022. The club has developed over 50 National Team and professional players, many MLS and International professional players and has placed hundreds of players in colleges across the country with over $55 million dollars in college scholarships.

Building on the ALBION SC foundation, accomplishments and heritage of success. ALBION SC has developed a true next generation National Affiliate program. This program offers a unique platform and resources that are strategic to the needs of each market and individual affiliate club with an objective only to be the best in the market.

The youth soccer landscape is changing and evolving, and we intend to be a catalyst for success in its evolution.


  • Building on the infrastructure, history and brand of ALBION SC we have positioned ALBION SC National Affiliates as the leading next generation soccer club affiliates program in the USA.
  • A network of National ALBION SC Affiliates who share a common vision, passion and set of values that will change the US Soccer landscape.
  • A network of accretive partners fully aligned with and supportive of ALBION SC National Affiliates.
  • A focus on club organization, strategy, marketing and branding, coaching and leadership development, club curriculum, player development, revenue generation and elite pathway that serve a changing youth soccer landscape.
  • A full Player Pathway creating individual and club opportunities domestically and internationally


  • ALBION SC strategic national/local Marketing Plan
  • Brand position, local, regional, national
  • Player/Coach Development tools – Curriculum, Coaching and Leadership development, Full Pyramid Player Development model, Elite Academy Player Development model
  • Player Pathway – Elite opportunities, National Elite Select Teams, International Travel Program
  • ALBION SC Organizational System & Management tools
  • Full staff and on-field equipment
  • ALBION SC Club Management system
  • Revenue Generation – Tournaments, Fundraising, National Sponsors
  • ALBION SC College Placement Plan & Programming
  • Elite Pathway Programming (ie. MLS, EA, GA, DPL)


  • Affiliation with ALBION SC recognized nationally as one of the best clubs and brands in the USA and internationally.
  • Proven processes, systems and tools for successful club operations and governance to become the model club in your geographic market.
  • Revenue generation programs and tools including tournaments and innovative fundraising.
  • Established Player Pathway driving competitive advantage in your market.
  • World class partners in mission critical areas like uniforms and equipment, college and professional placement, youth development and international training and travel.
  • Training and support for club leadership, coaches and administrators, driving success and growth.
  • Training and support for club leadership, coaches and administrators, driving success and growth.


The equity of the brand, the brand position in the industry allows clubs, coaches, and players to have an advantage. The brand is known for its professionalism, the standards of excellence, and the ability to develop top players. The brand speaks to college coaches, national team staff, professional teams, and tournament directors around the country. The brand matters as the industry has recognized it as an industry leader.



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